There are all types and styles of signage available to promote your business. These include billboards, signs, banners, wind flags, posters and a-frames. Whatever you use, you need to get noticed and that is where GGA Graphic Design and Marketing can help. We can design clever, easy to read signage for your business.


Billboards are visual outdoor stories that need to grab a persons attention and create a memorable impression in 5 to 10 seconds. They need to be kept simple, use large, bold fonts and have contrasting colours. GGA Graphic Design and Marketing can create an effective billboard for you.

Shop Signage

Stand out shop signage is a must for any business with drive or walk by traffic. GGA Graphic Design and Marketing can create memorable signage that will attract customers and get your business noticed.

Banners and Wind Flags

GGA Graphic Design and Marketing designs high quality banners that are perfect for use as a promotional tool to grab your customers attention. Place outside for added exposure to passing traffic or use indoors as an innovative marketing instrument.

Motor Vehicle Signage

Advertise your business every time you are on the road with a moving billboard that promotes your business. Choose from vehicle wraps, interchangeable magnetic signs, rear window signs or vehicle lettering. Let GGA Graphic Design and Marketing help you get noticed when you are out and about.